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What Makes Us Different

Successful learning for us is not measured in blue ribbons but in seeing the bond between the horse and rider. Our instructors craft lessons around their student's horsemanship goals and work at their pace. We believe learning should be fun and fulfilling for the horse and rider not forced.

Horse Training

The Level Of Horsemanship We Expect From Our Instructors


We expect our team to not only be professional horsemen but also clear communicators, compassionate, and empathetic in their equine training practices.   


To ensure this we have a series of requirements all of our trainers have to meet. 

1) Must be over 18yrs of age.

2) Must prove horsemanship knowledge by taking our Horse Handling and Management Tests. This will show us what level of teaching you will be capable of. 

3) Send us a video of you riding/teaching/or working with a horse

4) Send us a Resume, Coverletter, and three professional references.

To start this process please email us at