New Client Information


We are so excited that you will be joining us for your horse adventure! 


Please take a moment to go over some important information about our Refund and Cancellation Policies and Liability forms.

If you have any additional questions please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Refund & Cancelation Policy 

We understand that life can get a little crazy, however, to cancel an appointment we need at least 24 hours of advanced notice. If you decide to re-book your appointment with less then 24hrs notice then you will be charged a re-booking fee of $10.

Only in the case of an emergency, can you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or reschedule without being charged the fee. 


If you no-show for your first and second appointment time then you will be be charged the full amount of the lesson or trail ride before your next booking. This is to ensure that we are able to keep a full schedule to keep our horses happy and healthy.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have the liability forms filled out when I arrive?

To be more environmentally friendly we would love it if you could download and email us our liability forms before your appointment. However, if you run into any computer problems we do have paper forms on site. Everyone, who will ride or interacting with the horses must fill out a liability form. Children who are under 18 years of age will need a parent or legal guardian to fill out the forms for them. 

What do I need to wear?

Please wear pants that come down your ankle and shoes that are close-toed and wrap around your entire foot. 

We want to protect your legs and toes from any bushes & trees on the trail! 

Do I have to wear a helmet?

We provide helmets if you do not have one. Riders under the age of 18yrs must wear a helmet! 

Can I bring visitors?

Interacting with horses is a special experience that we want to share with others. However, we do ask that only the students and clients scheduled for horsemanship activities be the only people on the property. We do this to keep you, our staff, students, and horses safe. If you are interested in learning more about horses but want to meet us in person first, then please send us an email and we shall set up a tour for you. We can not accommodate drop-ins to the facility. Thank you for understanding!

Can I bring my dogs?

We love dogs! However, we would prefer you to leave your dogs and other critters at home when you come to your appointment. 

Do you have any age limits?

We require children to be at least 6yrs old to take lessons.

We recommend children to be at least 9yrs old before we take them out on the trails. When on the trail riders must be 100% in control of handling their horse and must take instruction from the Trail Guide. 

We encourage older folks to get into riding. However, you must be physically capable of mounting and dismounting your horse with control. We do have a large mounting block to help you and our staff is always close by to assist you if need be. 

Do you have any weight limits?

The maximum weight that is comfortable for our horses to handle is 320 pounds. All riders must be able physically capable of mounting and dismounting their horse. We do offer options for non-riding horse activities like ground horsemanship lessons, grooming, and barn management. 

What discipline of horsemanship do you teach?

Our Instructors have a diverse background in disciplines ranging from, Hunter Jumper, Western, Dressage, and Horse Archery. The connecting thread to all of these teachings is creating a relationship of communication and trust with your horse. The first thing you will learn from us is how to start a dialogue with your equine partner before diving into a specific discipline. Our lessons are tailored to you and for the goals, you would like to achieve. 

How much do the lessons cost?

Lessons start at $35.00 and can go up based on the amount of time the lesson is. Since we work with contract instructors prices for lessons and training slightly vary from place to place. Please email us with what service and location you are interested in for more information.

Do you offer financial aid?

We believe that horses should be accessible to everyone regardless of income. We have several opportunities for folks who do have a limited income yet would like to learn more about horsemanship. We offer discounts for single parents, have a working student program, and often post discounted special lessons & packages which are listed on our Facebook page.  If you are interested in learning more then please email us. 

How many riders can you take out?

We can take out three riders at a time. 

I don't have any riding experience, is that ok?

Once upon a time, we all had no horse experience. Our team of instructors will guide you through how to communicate with your horse. We work at your own comfort and pace so that your learning experience is fun and fulfilling.

How do I become a contractor with Red Horse Riding School?

We are always on the lookout for a talented trainer! Click here to learn more 

Why have you not responded to my message yet?

Our apologies if it takes us a little longer then usual to get back to you. We have a small staff who's office also doubles as a working stable. Some times we have to hold a horse for the farrier, help a student tack up, or muck out the barn before we can check our messages. We do try to get back to you as soon as possible, thank you for understanding! 

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