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Autumn Kushner

Red Horse Riding School Owner, Trail Boss,

Redmond / Bend

Trainer Autumn Kushner is a licensed personal trainer (CPT) through the internationally recognized ACE Fitness program with degrees in Psychology (Texas A&M University) and Applied Sciences (Integrated Biomechanics emphasis, Portland State University). She spent thousands of hours learning from some of the best physical therapists and hippotherapists in the PNW. Horses are her passion, and she understands their capacity to help heal people physically and mentally. She began riding at age 8 at Hunter’s Chase Farms, a jumper stable in Bee Creek, Texas. In college she found her love of horses again through helping her friends at Silver’s Trails in Spicewood, Texas. There, outside of working hours, she thrived on the trails, experiencing the magic of horses in an unstructured manner. This experience allowed her to advance her understanding of their kind nature, and their trustworthy hearts. In Portland, she served on the board of directors for Horse Sense Riding School and worked in equestrian facilities ranging from Reining, Working Cow Horse to Dressage. Most recently she started and ran Portland Trail Rides while managing the stables for JDK Equine, as well as writing the curriculum for their corporate team-building workshops.


Liz Cleaves

Red Horse Riding School Communications, Riding Instructor

Oregon City

Liz is excited to be joining forces with Red Horse Riding School. 

She has been working with horses for the past 20 years. She has been trained by Katie Stearns at Flying Dutchess Ranch, Dr. Istvan Goblyos the Director of The National Equestrian Academy in Hungary, Marton Szmrecsányi of the Kassai Lovasíjász Iskola (The Kassai School of Equestrian Horse Archery), Pam Bartholomew of Whispering Hollow Equestrian Center, and Autumn Kushner of Red Horse Riding School.  

She was an instructor at Horse Sense Riding School teaching students from ages 4 - 65yrs old.

And was the assistant trainer at Portland Trail Rides. Liz has competed in Eventing, Dressage and Horse Archery. She is a member of Broken Arrow Mounted Archers, Prairie Moon Mounted Archers and The Mounted Archery Association of America’s.

When it comes to training Liz believes in listening to what the horse has to say. If you are using force to teach then you are working against the horse’s nature. It is only when you and the horse are in perfect balance with each others natures will you together reach the goal.


Autumn not only is an excellent and knowledgeable riding instructor that makes lessons fun and engaging, but has helped me tremendously with exercises and stretches in areas of my body that were in pain while riding.

Creating better alignment, fitness, and balance.
I’ve had a few different instructors over the years and Autumn is by far the best.

-Amee Reese / Student 

I was afraid of horses. Autumn's lessons have been instrumental in helping me shed my fears and overcome them. Say yes to things that scare you. I am a beginner rider and have a lot to learn but the more time I spend working with horses the more eager I am to saddle up and ride some more. New avenues of confidence are great. In a world sick from social media addiction it is a welcome break to put your phone away and take a trail ride. Connect with something living. Connect with the Earth. Connect with history. Horsemanship dates back thousands of years. Book a trail ride. If you like it, book a lesson.

- Neil Taylor / Student

Liz is a talented instructor with an upbeat attitude and attention to detail. She tailors training to you and your horse, while providing creative ideas for training through play. I have enjoyed the benefit of her coaching and it has helped me level up my skills as a horse archer.

- Katie Wolf

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